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At Griswald's, we're regularly updating our travel and tour options & are always looking for ways to make our tour programs even better. 

Below you値l see an example of our Grand Tour from Ha Noi to HCM City. 

It痴 easy with us, just let us know what you'd like to do, how long you want to do it for, some ideas of your interests & we値l help tailor make an itinerary to suit you.

You don't just get to see the elephants but you can feed them, talk to them (don't laugh they like it), wash them (& they just love that) find out a great deal about them from the ethnic groups who for centuries have been living so very closely with them.

All prices for our tours are available upon application & it depends on where you wish to visit, how long you have in Vietnam and of course, how many people are going.  If you'd like to know more about our tour departure dates, well that's easy - we don't really have any !

Your Griswald's tour leaves when you want and not the other way around ! 

It makes a nice change we think !!!


Ha Noi Hue Ho Chi Minh   City maps of Ha Noi, Hue and HCM.

Griswald's 22 Day Grand Tour of Viet Nam

Please note:  Our 22 Day Grand Tour is definitely our most popular but the details of it are rarely quite the same for everyone.  Usually our guests make various changes that suit themselves, add more or less days, start from either end, sometimes finish in the middle & it's always fine with us.  Normally our "Grand Tour" is the itinerary that we send to you to give you some ideas of what's possible, then it goes back & forth between us until it becomes the tour YOU want to do !

Please Also note:  When we give you our price on a tour it will be basically a private tour for you & your partner, family or group. What's included in the price of the tour will be carefully laid out for you at the start & there'll be no extra "in country" payments to make, no compulsory guide & driver tips to be dolled out every day & no other excuses to raise the price of your tour once we've got your interest. 

Straight talking is the least we can do for you, we reckon.

Day 1 Arrive in Ha Noi

We値l meet your flight at Noi Bai international airport in Ha Noi - flight details to be advised.  Before heading into town, be sure to change some of your own currency into Vietnamese Dong at any one of several airport currency exchange bureaus.  Remember that using the local currency is better for  everyone concerned & especially for you !  Afterwards, we値l transfer you to your hotel. 

You値l have some free time for a little rest after your flight & you'll have time to visit the historic Ngoc Son Temple which is just down the street from our caf on Hoan Kiem Lake (the lake of the returned sword).

Make your way over to the famous Kangaroo Caf (well we like to think it is anyway) & your guide will be able to show you how to get there or pick you up at the hotel. 

At the caf, we can spend some time going through any questions you may have about your itinerary.  From the caf, you値l have time to wander through the old quarter on your way back to your hotel. 

You値l be our guests for dinner either before or after (depending on ticket availability) the ever popular Water Puppets show at Hoan Kiem Lake.  (O/night in Ha Noi) 

The water puppets show will depend on what time your flight arrives. We can then change the Kangaroo Cafe dinner and Water puppets to another day to suit your itinerary if required.

Day 2 Day tour of Ha Noi & the night Train to Lao Cai

You値l need to have had brekkie & be ready to leave your hotel at approx 8.00 AM for your tour today.  You値l see all the spots beginning with the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum (to see Uncle Ho), the former Governor of Indochina痴 humble little cottage,  Uncle Ho痴 former residence (which actually was a humble little cottage) the 1 pillar pagoda, the Ho Chi Minh museum, the Army museum & then the Temple of Literature.   

We usually go for lunch to Jaspars as it痴 right next to the old Gaol, called The Ha Noi Hilton during the war years.  After lunch you値l get to visit the Ha Noi Hilton, the Women痴 Museum & then finish up at the new 徹pera Hilton Hotel for a quiet drink to finish off your day in style.   

You値l probably be a bit tired at the end of the day, but you値l be able to sleep well on the train.  You値l board the train at approx 9.30 PM in Ha Noi.  (O/night on the train) 

We壇 like to remind all our guests that for your trip to Sa Pa you need to be ready to depart by 8.30 PM.  We池e happy to pick you up from your hotel or you can meet us at the Kangaroo Caf.  Please discuss your preference with your guide. 

Day 3 Lao Cai to Sa Pa 

You値l arrive at the border town of Lao Cai at approx 5.00 AM & go to one our friends caf駸 (just next to the station) where the local bus will pick you up for your trip up the mountain to Sa Pa.  It痴 a lovely trip so be sure to have plenty of film in your camera.  After arriving at the hotel (approx 7.00 AM), you値l have a great brekkie while the staff arranges your room with a view  (& what a view it is too) for you & subject to availability, you値l have an early check in too.  Afterwards you can go for a look around Sa Pa town. 

In the afternoon, after lunch & at approx. 1.00 PM, one of our H知ong friends (who値l be your guide) will take you for a walk to Cat Cat falls which was once an old Franco Hydro-Electric installation.  By the way, you may want to take your swimsuit with you for this one.  The evening is free, but if you ask our staff at the hotel, they値l fill you in on what to do and where to eat.  (O/night in Sa Pa)

Day 4  Sa Pa 

You値l have an early start (departure time from the hotel is approx 8.30 AM) with a good brekkie and then you池e off for a spectacular day in the countryside.  You値l be on your own (well, just yourselves and your H知ong guide) and you値l get to meet and visit the homes of some Black H知ong, Giay, Xa Pho and possibly some Red Dao.

You値l have lunch in the home of an H知ong family along the way.  If you don稚 wish to walk back to Sa Pa, take a motorcycle taxi (xe om) back up the steep hill to Sa Pa.  You値l only have to pay about $ 2- 3 USD for the motorcycle or we can arrange a car to come & get you which is about $15 - $20 USD (all up). 

In the evening you値l get to see the famous Cho Tinh (love market Sat nights only) where the hill tribe people come to meet and maybe find some romance if they池e lucky.   It痴 really very charming and quite unforgettable.  (O/night in Sa Pa)

Day 5 Sa Pa to Bac Ha (or 1 of the other markets)

You値l have another early start for the drive to the Sunday markets.  Please be aware that you won稚 be returning to the hotel up in Sa Pa so you値l need to have packed your bags, settled your bill (for any extra meals, drinks etc) had your brekkie & please be ready to leave the hotel by about 7.00 AM. 

The market really is a bit wild & you値l see people on horseback (?), strange things to eat, people meeting up with old friends & as well, there痴 lots of interesting handicrafts to buy.   

The famous Viet Cong black pyjamas are a great buy, as well as lots of hand-made products too.  You値l see lots of tribal people including Lo Lo, Giay, Flower H知ong, Nung, Tay as well as the Black H知ong.  In Vietnam, there are over 54 minority groups, and these minority markets are a great example of their lives & their interaction with each other.   

Our drivers always try to get people to Lao Cai during daylight hours for safety reasons.  You値l have time in Lao Cai to have dinner before boarding your train.  (O/night on the train) 

Note:  The Markets at Bac Ha are only on Sunday so you池e only be able to visit them if you depart on your Sa Pa from Ha Noi on a Thursday & we can swap the days around to suit if necessary.  There are also other 溺inority markets that you can see & they池e on Sat, Sun & Tues & are just as interesting.

Day 6 Arrive in Ha Noi from Lao Cai

You値l arrive in Ha Noi at (approx.) 5.30 AM & you'll be met by your guide who'll take you back to the hotel with an early check in too. 

Today is a free day so you may just want to sleep in late and then go for a stroll around our beloved Ha Noi.  The Old Quarter of Ha Noi is very interesting & best known for its famous 36 Streets.  In previous times, each street sold the one kind of produce and/or product.  Streets such as Hang Ma (paper products used in the offerings on every home altar), Thuoc Bac (herbal medicines) and Hang Bac (silver) street, are still alive and well. 

These days the Old Quarter of Ha Noi is one of the best places to shop for materials such as silks, lacquer ware and handicrafts.  We can recommend some nice places for dinner in Ha Noi too if you wish.  (O/night in Ha Noi)

Day 7 Ha Long Bay Tour (2 Days & 1 Night)

You値l arrive in Ha Noi at (approx.) 5.00 AM & you'll be met by your guide who'll take you back to the hotel.  Your guide will pick you up again at your hotel at about 8.15 AM & you値l go in one of our new Air/Con busses (& not some cramped little mini bus) to Ha Long City.   

It痴 nearly a 4 hour trip to the bay so we値l stop about half way at a disabled persons workshop to spend a penny & have a cuppa too if you want. After arriving at the bay you値l board our boat & head straight out into the bay.   

Check into your room, unpack & freshen up while the staff prepare a great lunch for you to enjoy whilst your boat cruises through the bay. Your guide will point out some of the more interesting limestone formations like the fighting roosters rocks etc & afterwards you値l have time for a swim over at Ti Top Island.  

On the island there痴 swimming, a climb up to the look out (if you wish) & there痴 a caf too with beer, soft drinks, coffee, ice cream etc.  After Ti Top you値l have time to try your hand at Kayaking & if not, you can stay on the boat having a cold drink & see how your travelling companions fare.  

The kayaking is good too (not too crowded) & as well as Kayaks, they have the traditional Vietnamese Rattan boats that seat up to 4 or 5 persons.  The price for either of these is approx $3 Per person.  

Our Ha Long Bay dinners are well known & it appears that everyone痴 pretty keen on them too.  After dinner our guests usually relax either in our nicely appointed living area or outside on the deck for a spot of squid fishing but remember it痴 for fun & we can稚 promise you値l catch any !!! 

We致e got beer, soft drinks, wine, tea, coffee, Milo etc & for sale at reasonable prices too if you wish.  Feel free to bring your favourite DVD痴 or music CD痴 as we致e got a good entertainment system on the boat as well.   

Our boats have always been very popular with our guests & our rooms are a generous size, well appointed & all (Double, Triple or Twin Share) have en-suite bathrooms, Euro style toilets, cotton bedding, towels, toiletries & air conditioning.  (O/night in Ha Long Bay)

Day 8 Ha Long Bay to Ha Noi

It痴 a bit of an early wake up so we can TRY to beat the crowds to the Sung Sot (the Amazing) Cave & trust us, you値l be happy you went.  Please make sure that you致e checked out of your room by 10.00 AM so our staff have time to clean it properly before the next guests arrive.   

Afterwards, we値l return to Ha Long City for great lunch at the nicer, air con, BMC restaurant (not in the shabby, Car park caf next door) & then back to Ha Noi (with a short nature stop along the way) for the night.  You値l arrive at the REAL Kangaroo Caf at approx 4.30 5.00 PM.  (O/night in Ha Noi)

Day 9 Handi Craft Village tour & on to Hue 

In the morning (at approx 9.00 AM) you値l visit the Pottery & then the Silk villages.  With lunch along the way, you値l go onto the Timber village.  It痴 a great trip and you値l be able to see some of Vietnam痴 oldest traditional skills at work.  

You値l take the late afternoon flight to Hue & your guide will help you check in at the airport to make sure everything goes smoothly.  You値l go from the airport & check into your hotel in Hue.  Tonight is free but as always your guide is around to assist with ideas of where to eat & what to do. (O/night in Hue) 

Please note:  This bit is subject to availability. If the afternoon flight to Hue isn稚 available then you might consider the night train (still on day 8) or the morning flight on Day 9 instead.

Day 10  Hue

You値l have an early brekkie before you池e off to visit the Old Capital, the Forbidden Purple City, the 9 Holy Cannons and the Royal Citadel in Hue.  Your guide will take you for lunch at a Hue style, vegetarian restaurant.  The food is really something else & is prepared in the style that the Buddhist monks enjoy & have passed down to their followers over the years.   

After lunch, you値l go for a boat cruise along the Perfume River & have dinner on the boat which is a lovely way to finish the day.  The Minh Mang tomb (resting place of Emperor Minh Mang) is accessible by river and you can visit it whilst on the boat cruise.  

The entrance fees to some of the sites are about $4 USD & well worth it as all the monies are invested back into renovating the structures.  Before having dinner on the boat, you may be able to visit the Thien Mu Pagoda where, sadly, the first of many Buddhist monks self immolated to protest against the cruel regime installed by the allies to lord over Southern Vietnam.  (O/night in Hue)

Day 11 Hue to Phong Nha caves

Today will have to be an early start.  Please be ready for brekkie at about 7.00 AM as we need to be ready to leave at about 8.00 AM & head to Dong Hoi Town.  It痴 about 3 hours there & there値l be time to make some stops along the way too.   

After arriving at Dong Hoi town, you値l check into your hotel, have lunch there too & after lunch you池e off to the National Park.  The guide will arrange the boat for your trip to see the famous 3 caves which seem to be given all kinds of names too ? 

The 1st cave you値l visit is the Phong Nha Cave.  It痴 a Unesco World Heritage listed site & 1 of the biggest caves in the world.  To get there, you値l go along a small river running through the traditional fields in Viet Nam in a smaller row boat for about 30 Mins before entering the actual Phong Nha cave complex. 

The cave is about 800 odd meters long & after exploring Phong Nha you値l climb up (by foot) to the Tien Son cave which is about 200 meters higher than Phong Nha. 

It takes about 1 hour to go up & back down & is a bit difficult but you only need an average level of fitness for this climb.  The cave itself is again very big but this cave is dry. It again is really quite extraordinary. 

The 3rd cave to see is the Paradise cave & you値l go by car to there & it痴 about 30 Km's.  This cave is dry too & is again a magnificent example of the limestone formations in this area. There痴 no big walk to here like at Tien Son and the area is pristine with lots of tall trees. The steps leading up to it well maintained & you can of course go at your own pace. After the 3rd cave you値l make your way to Dong Hoi town for the night. 

You値l be staying in one of the better hotels with river view rooms too. 

There値l be time for a swim at the lovely pool there & maybe a massage too. It痴 a very nice place & after today, a that little bit of luxury won稚 hurt you ! (O/night in Dong Hoi)

Day 12 Dong Hoi to Hue

After an early brekkie your guide will meet you at again about 8.00 AM for your trip back to Hue City. 

Along the way you値l stop at the "Mine Action Visitors Centre set up jointly with "Norwegian's People Aid" and "Kids First Village."  They will explain the legacy and work being done to eliminate the problems of Land Mines and UXO痴 (Unexploded Ordinance) in the Binh Tri Thien area. 

Ben Hai River Museum which was basically the border between the hastily invented Sth Viet Nam & the rest of the country, the 17th parallel.  At this museum there is a Photo of Fidel Castro on the DMZ LINE in 1972 among other communist world leaders and figures of importance.  There痴 lots of other exhibits and information on the DMZ line. 

You値l stop for lunch near the Vinh Moc tunnels & after lunch go to see the famous Vinh Moc tunnels. Smaller than the famous Cu Chi tunnels out side of HCM city, the Vinh Moc tunnels were built to save the lives of the families who had lived there for generations but we池e considered enemies by the Allies for some reason that very few people have ever been able to understand.   

The area was bombed by both American Air craft and their Navy battle ships.  Initially they were about 10 Mts underground but the "Allied Forces" developed bombs that burrowed down to that depth and beyond were called bunker busters.

The Vietnamese then took the tunnels down to 30 Mts which in turn saved countless other lives of the unarmed civilians in the area.  Afterwards you値l head back to Hue for the night. (O/night in Hue)

Day 13 Hue to Hoi An

After a nice brekkie, you値l need to leave Hue by about 8.30 AM and we値l head down to Lang Co beach for a swim & lunch before heading to Hoi An.  You値l go over the Hai Van pass, on to Da Nang & then to Hoi An.  You値l arrive in Hoi An in the late afternoon.   

Hoi An is often referred to as the honeymoon capital of Vietnam, as it痴 very charming and located on the Cui river.  There are a number of old houses to visit in this historic little trading port.  The architecture is a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, French and Vietnamese.  A strange mix but beautiful none the less.  Don稚 forget to pop into any one of the dozens of tailor shops to get them started on all your new outfits ! (O/night in Hoi An) 

A small note about the tailor shops.  Our guides have complained that they come under enormous pressure from many of the tailor shop owners to bring our customers to their shops.  They池e offered all kinds of rewards & we think it would best & especially cheaper for you if you visited any of the tailor shops alone.  It値l save our guides from all the hassling by the shop owners. 

Day 14 Hoi An

Today is a free day to enjoy the fabulous Hoi An town.  You can do some shopping, relax at the beach or visit some of the famous old houses and other picturesque sites that have loads of history attached to them.  Try the Tan Ky House, the Fu Kien Assembly Hall, the temples, the churches and the Japanese Covered Bridge.   

A trip down the river at dusk is just lovely and well there痴 just not enough space here to tell you all about it, but our guides will give you all the details and we池e sure you値l have a great time.   If you致e ordered clothes to be made, you値l have time for a final fitting in the afternoon and then in the evening you値l be able to collect your new clothes from the tailors.  (O/night in Hoi An)

Day 15  Hoi An to Nha Trang

You値l leave Hoi An town & then drive along one of the prettiest stretches of road to Da Nang.  From Da Nang you値l fly to Nha Trang where you値l check into your hotel.  (Departure & arrival times depend on the seasons & your guide will let you know well in advance).  You値l have time for swim either at the beach or at your hotel.  In the evening, you can try one of the many great restaurants before heading out for a drink in one of many great nightspots in Nha Trang.   

Nha Trang is very popular for scuba diving so if that痴 your thing then our good mate Jeremy Stein will be able to arrange a great dive for you. (O/night in Nha Trang)
Day 16 Nha Trang 

Your driver will pick you up in the morning and take you for a look around Nha Trang, visiting the very beautiful Cathedral, the Long Son Pagoda or the Oceanographic Institute and then onto the Thac Ba Hot Spring Centre.  We池e sure you値l enjoy the hot mud baths & hot mineral spring baths & swimming pool. 

The complex offers good massages and a great restaurant too.  The evening is free but your guide is always available to offer suggestions of where to try some of the local specialities.  (O/night in Nha Trang)

Day 17 Nha Trang

Today can be either a free day or you may like to go for a short boat trip & visit a couple of the islands just off the coast of Nha Trang or visit the newly opened Vinpearl Land Island resort.  Boasting the longest cable car trip in the world it really is worth trying. 

A full day trip including cable car there, lunch & motor launch back is about $20 USD P/person & that includes a visit to the water park as well.  The evening is free but your guide is always available to offer suggestions of where to try some of the local specialities.  (O/night in Nha Trang)  Note that for either trip you値l need to advise the guide the day before.

Day 18 Nha Trang to HCM City
In the morning/afternoon (flight times are seasonal) you値l fly to HCM City.  Upon arrival, you値l settle into your hotel which is located in District 1 of HCM City.  The night market has some great little 登n the street restaurants that are cheap & very good.  (O/night in HCM City)
Day 19 HCM City 

After breakfast, and usually starting at around 9.00 AM, your guide will take you for a look around town.  You値l be able to visit all the famous sites such as the War Crimes Museum, Re-Unification Palace and, after lunch, the original French colonial-style post office & the Notre Dame Cathedral.  For dinner, you may like to try one of the local Indian community restaurants, they池e particularly good.  HCM City is a big bustling city and with approx. 9 million people and there痴 always lots to do.  (O/night in HCM City)

Day 20  Me Kong Delta Tour

For your tour today, you値l need to have had brekkie & be ready to leave by about 8.00 AM.  You値l start by driving to My Tho where you値l be taken by boat to one of the islands in the Ben Tre province.  During the war years, Ben Tre was a stronghold for the Southern Vietnamese (Giai Phong Quan/NLF or Viet Cong as the Americans called them) in their fight against the allies for independence.  On one of the former V C island bases, they now have a coconut processing plant.  Confectionery, coconut milk, etc. is all made here and you値l get to taste some too. 

From there, you池e off to Thoi Son Island for lunch and afterwards you値l get to cruise along the very small canals that interlace the Me Kong.  The Me Kong Delta is know for its farming of rice, coconuts, sugar cane, fruit and vegetables and is a truly magnificent river.  You値l see plenty of activity from the Vietnamese people as they go about their day-to-day lives on the river.   

You値l return to HCM city and after a long day you may like to try the wonderful foot massage centre next to your hotel.  It might be just the trick.  (O/night in HCM City)

Day 21 Cu Chi Tunnels Day Tour

You値l need to have had brekkie & be ready to leave at approx 8.00 AM for your tour today.  We'll drive out of the city and you'll see some of the beautiful countryside of Vietnam.  We'll have lunch and then you値l go to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels - a tunnel network of over 200 Km痴 built by the Vietnamese during the war.  Parts of it were even built under an American military base.  There痴 a rifle range at Cu Chi & you can see how good a shot you are with either a Soviet AK 47 or an American M 16.  

To finish off your tour we suggest that you have dinner on board one of the floating restaurants that sail along the Sai Gon River.  Great food, a cool breeze & a view of Sai Gon from the river by night are just great.  (O/night in HCM City)

Day 22 HCM City to Home 

Your guide will take you to Tan Son Nhat Airport to meet your flight home.  Regardless of what time your flight departs you値l need to check out of the hotel by 12.00 midday.  (Flight details to be advised)

 Our Current 2015 Prices (or now for some good news)

Our standard 22 day tour (as above) is basically a private fully guided tour & not one of those so called small group tours sharing whatever with who knows how many other who evers !!! 

Our price is from $2,590.00 USD (we have to quote in USD as the Aussie & most other currencies are pegged to it) per person, twin share, in OUR Standard Accommodation.  Our price includes bed & breakfast as well as a number of other meals as well.

If it's at all possible we pass any savings we make onto our customers too.  Our price for our 18 day tour with 2 more going, goes down quite significantly. 

  • The price for 4 people is from $1,950.00 USD per person, twin share, in standard accomm.

  • The price for 6 people is from $1,750.00 USD per person, twin share, in standard accom.

Griswalds Tour Prices for 2015
These are our standard tour prices but because we specialise in Tailor Made Tours, no 2 tours have actually been the same. This will give you a good idea of our costs & also the discounts available if 4 or more travel.

10 Day Tour with Our Standard Accom

2 Pers - $1,425.00 - P/pers

4 Pers - $1090.00 - P/pers

6 Pers - $990.00 - P/pers


10 Day Tour with Our Superior Accom

2 Pers - $1,590.00 - P/pers

4 Pers - $1,290.00 - P/pers

6 Pers - $1,190.00 - P/pers


10 Day Tour with Our Deluxe Accom

2 Pers - $1,790.00 - P/pers

4 Pers - $1,490.00 - P/pers

6 Pers - $1,390.00 - P/pers



15 Day Tour with Our Standard Accom

2 Pers - $1,850.00 - P/pers

4 Pers - $1,450.00 - P/pers

6 Pers - $1,350.00 - P/pers


15 Day Tour with Our Superior Accom

2 Pers - $1,990.00 - P/pers

4 Pers - $1,590.00 - P/pers

6 Pers - $1,490.00 - P/pers


15 Day Tour with Our Deluxe Accom

2 Pers - $2,390.00 - P/pers

4 Pers - $1,990.00 - P/pers

6 Pers - $1,890.00 - P/pers



22 Day Tour with Our Standard Accom

2 Pers - $2,590.00 - P/pers

4 Pers - $1,950.00 - P/pers

6 Pers - $1,750.00 - P/pers


22 Day Tour with Our Superior Accom

2 Pers - $2,790.00 - P/pers

4 Pers - $2,190.00 - P/pers

6 Pers - $1,990.00 - P/pers


22 Day Tour with Our Deluxe Accom

2 Pers - $3,290.00 - P/pers

4 Pers - $2,690.00 - P/pers

6 Pers - $2,490.00 - P/pers

NOTE: Our prices are in USD & are on a Per Person, Twin Share Basis.
As mentioned, a Griswalds tour will be a private tour with just yourselves & your guide except for the Ha Long Bay part.  All the necessary details (what's included & what's not included) will be carefully detailed from the beginning & the full price will be just that, the full price.

NO extra in country payments, NO daily fixed tipping to who knows who per day & NO extra anything else to bump up the price afterwards.

Also please note:  Our regular prices (listed above) are based on the costs and exchange rates which are current at the time of pricing. As is the case with all travel companies worldwide, we reserve the right to alter our prices at any time.

For tours commencing between 1st January 2015 and 31st December 2015, the price of your trip is guaranteed when you have paid in full.


Tipping on a Griswalds Tour.

Tipping is something that has become a thing that can only be described as a scam in Viet Nam because as far as Vietnamese people go, they almost never tip & it's just the way it is here. 

Our guides & drivers are very well paid & it's our responsibility to do it, not yours & the situation here in Viet Nam these days is quite out of hand. 

Most of the tour companies put pressure on their customers to tip & tip again ..... over & over, every day & we're of the opinion that it's quite unfair to all concerned. 

We're really happy if you'd like to tip our staff & of course so are they, BUT it's entirely up to you to do so, as it should be.  Please feel free to speak to us about this before or during your trip.

We know it's one of those things that can be most uncomfortable at times so please let us know & especially if you've felt pressured into it at any time. 



Accommodation Standards on our tours


People, understandably, ask us how many stars are the hotels that we use in Viet Nam.  The truth is that there's No hotels in VN that have been internationally rated

Very few people are aware that most Hotel Owners simply rate their own hotel & that's the world over too. are very honest about which hotels are owner rated & which hotels are genuinely independently rated & there's very few of these in any country. For most people it comes as a real surprise too.

Thanks to the tall tales & true from the middle eastern hotels who claim they operate 6, 8 & ??? star hotels (the real international system still only goes up to 5) we've decided instead, to try to describe as accurately as possible, the hotels we use.

To assist in this we've included some films of various hotels we use to help you with your choices.

So here goes ......

Our Standard accommodation is usually in a smaller hotel & not one of what's called a mini hotel in Viet Nam which is more like a guest house than a hotel.  It includes good sized, clean, comfortable rooms with twin share or double rooms, elevator, private bathrooms with European toilets, remote control, reverse cycle air conditioning, TV, Telephone access, laundry facilities & a good western or eastern style brekkie too.

Our Superior accommodation is in newer, more modern, bigger hotels with elevators.  Again it includes clean, comfortable, larger, twin share or double rooms, en suite bathrooms, European toilets & bath, satellite TV, remote control, reverse cycle air conditioning, IDD telephone, Wi Fi or in room cable internet facilities & in most cases a swimming pool.  The superior accomm has a buffet style, Euro or Western breakfast as well.

Our Deluxe accommodation is the best standard available in Viet Nam.  Hotel groups like the Hilton, Novatel, Sheraton & Intercontinental are all in Viet Nam nowadays & our deluxe tour accommodation is that kind of international standard. 

It includes big, clean, very comfortable, twin share or double rooms, en suite bathroom with European toilet & bath, satellite TV, remote control, reverse cycle air conditioning, IDD telephone, Wi Fi or in room cable internet facilities, swimming & spa pools as well as 24 hour room service.  Full business centre facilities, spa, sauna & gymnasium are usually available. A buffet style breakfast is the norm & in the deluxe package the hotels have dry cleaning as well as the normal laundry service.




Vietnamese women say, "my husband is the boss, but .... I知 his supervisor". 

Well this is how we operate too & I think most women worldwide would agree.  I often hear that line about 土ou only sleep in your hotel so it痴 not that important.  That's true but only to a point & we think it痴 very important to have hotel accommodation that offers a decent nights sleep and (especially in hot, tropical climates) a pool is always an added bonus. We regularly go from Ha Noi down to HCM City to personally to check not just our current hotels but also to inspect new places for our customers to put their feet up in after a long day痴 trekking & sight seeing.

Depending on which tour you take, the accommodation standards along the coast of Vietnam will be similar to the standard or superior accommodation as described above.  The only exceptions can be on some of the tours which go to the more remote areas of Vietnam like, Sa Pa, Bac Ma National Park & Cat Ba Island, etc.  The rural areas often have more basic facilities. 

Any queries regarding this are most welcome.

Customer Bookings


Our prices Exclude International Air Fares, visas & travel insurance

To purchase your international flights, obtain your visas & travel insurance, please contact your local, licensed, travel agent For just a few dollars more, you'll get exactly what you need without any stress, waiting or driving around town.   It just makes more sense to let a professional do those things for you.

For customer or agent enquiries about our tours please e-mail us & our contact details are below. 


Emailing us about your tour - This bit's important - Please read the following !!!


For a long time now, we haven't been able to reply or send email to Hotmail accounts, the emails just keep bouncing back to us.  We know that the Hotmail mob (as do all the others too) get millions of spam emails each day to the millions of free email accounts they have & so the filtering they use has to be very strong to try & protect them & their customers from spam, phishing, the many internet scams & even those crazy Nigerian love letters !!! 


It seems better with other Free Email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo etc, but with most of the Free Accounts & because we send you copies of our itineraries as attachments, our emails can often end up in your spam folder.


Often attachments can be malware, a virus just a head ache so we understand the security aspect of this.

normal email software please check that your settings allow you to receive attachments so we can send you some comprehensive itineraries including all the relevant details of our tours including the price too, of course.


People emailing from where they work may want to check to see if they have permission to receive personal emails & attachments during work time so you might like to add your personal email address too.  The free accounts are OK but there's really nothing better than your own account & at about $2 a week, it's not such a bad idea. 


And lastly, we know it's old fashioned but the best form of communication is still the spoken word & it's really worth a try.  For just $1 or $2 call us here in VN (our Numbers are below) if there's anything you'd like to discuss.


Contact Details

The best way to receive more information about us &/or our tours, is to E-mail us.

Our Email address is:

(Please check your spam folder for our reply !!!)

Griswald's Vietnamese Vacations

P.O. Box 501, Leichhardt N.S.W. 2040 Australia

& our REAL Kangaroo Caf

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Only at 18 Bao Khanh St, Hanoi

To chat, person to person (always better & it only costs a $1 or $2) please phone us direct.

Our Office Number in Viet Nam - +844 382 899 31

Our Mobile Number in Viet Nam - +84 913 506 223

Australian Company Registration Number: 107 709 384 

Aust Govt Travel Agents Licence Number (your international protection): 2TA5568

Doing business with companies over the internet still makes some people, understandably, nervous. Australian Travel Agents, like us, are licensed by the NSW Government Dept of Fair Trading & all our bona fides are available online through the Department's web site.

Only REAL Travel Agents can offer you this security & protection.

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Griswald痴 Vietnamese Vacations & our Kangaroo Caf in Hanoi have been operating good quality, reasonably priced tours to Vietnam for over 20 years.

Griswald's specialise in tailor made tours to Vietnam, travel in Vietnam, holidays in Vietnam and private tours to Vietnam. 

For those travelling independently to Vietnam, from our Kangaroo Cafe in Ha Noi we can assist with Tours to Halong Bay and Tours to Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island as well. 

We're well known for our signature Halong Bay Tours & our tours to Sapa & our focus is on genuine, small group travel in Vietnam.

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For more about our tailor made Vietnam Travel, Vietnam Tours, Customised Vietnam Tours and Vietnam Holiday packages, please email us.

Griswald痴 Vietnamese Vacations & our Kangaroo Caf in Hanoi have been operating good quality, reasonably priced tours to Vietnam for over 20 years.

Griswald's specialise in tailor made tours to Vietnam, travel in Vietnam, holidays in Vietnam and private tours to Vietnam. 

For those travelling independently to Vietnam, from our Kangaroo Cafe in Ha Noi we can assist with Tours to Halong Bay and Tours to Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island as well. 

We're well known for our signature Halong Bay Tours & our tours to Sapa & our focus is on genuine, small group travel in Vietnam.

  Sapa Tours start with our 2 nights on the train & 1 Night hotel, Tour to Sapa. We also have Sapa Home stay tours & our mixed Sapa Hotel and Home stay tours too.

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