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Vietnam Photos

Here are some of the many photos we've taken in Vietnam over the years.  Some of them are of our previous customers, some are people we know, some are VIP's and some are of us being a bit odd, which comes quite naturally.  To view "click" on the thumbnail.  We hope you like them ! !


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Various other pictures

Maxie in the movies

Max has been in lots of films.  Must have something to do with his "lived in" look. He's been in feature films, TV series, commercials & tele movies.  Over 80 in all, mostly in Australia.  In Viet Nam he's been in 10 films & TV shows. 

             These are stills from some of the work he's done in Viet Nam.


From Bong Sen: 

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From Stone Pagoda: 

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And a couple more: 

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