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Vietnam travel, tourist, health & general information

Other Vietnam Tour Operators we Recommend

Jeremy Steins Rainbow Divers is the only dive company in Vietnam we recommend.  All their dive instructors have the very latest in accreditation & Jeremy's emphasis has always been on providing a professionally run, safety first & reasonably priced experience that is still lots of fun too.  They've got all the latest equipment including the latest in underwater propulsion units & underwater Digital Cameras........... now that's the ticket !

Rainbow Divers are the longest established PADI dive centres throughout Vietnam and still the only PADI CDC, IDCs & National Geographic dive centres. Their HQ is in Nha Trang and they have centres on Whale Island, in Hoi An & also on Phu Quoc.

Jeremy (AKA The Chuck Norris look a like) is also a great one to ask for advice on hotels, night spots or whatever.  He & his team know just about everything in these areas & the Rainbow Bar in Nha Trang is worth a look too with  good western food, English beers and even a Sushi bar !

Guide book & Internet Resources
The Rough Guide - is a great travel book.

Things Asian (formally "Destination Vietnam")   A very beautiful site full of very useful information & fantastic pictures.  A great resource for anyone thinking of travelling to Vietnam. 


Time and Weather

Click on Ha Noi, Hue or HCM City to see what it's like at the moment.

Click on World Times for ... you guessed it ... or click on Hanoi for time and other info there.


Government Web Sites & Travel Info

Australia The Australian Embassy in Vietnam site.  Worth a look at if your an Aussie planning to travel to Vietnam.  

U.S.A.  The American Embassy in Vietnam site.  Worth a look at if your an American  planning to travel to Vietnam.


Medical Services for Travellers

TM + VC  The Travellers Medical & Vaccination Service, will provide you with the latest information on all health related services & have a great web site for people who want professional advice regarding their health requirements. 

Kings Cross Travellers’ Clinic in Sydney, Australia is the home of Dr Raymond Seidler & associates. They, provide travel medical advice, anti malarial medications & vaccinations for travel in Sth East Asia.  A smaller family practice, they do however, use cutting edge technology & are accredited Yellow Fever vaccination suppliers. They also have mozzie nets, malarial, diarrhoea & 1st aid kits.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Various international insurance companies offering worldwide policies. A must for travelling anywhere & Vietnam is no exception.

Vietnam Media  Sites

"The People" Newspaper  Bao Nhan Dan has it's own web site & is updated daily. Lots of information about Vietnam from one of their most popular newspapers.


If you happen to need medical assistance in Bangkok we highly recommend the Bangkok Nursing Home.  You'll find the facilities and professionalism at this centre will meet and even exceed all your expectations.   You'll also find prices for all their medical services including inoculations to be cheaper than most other countries.  From our own personal experience we consider the services and staff at the Bangkok Nursing Home to be absolutely outstanding.  Click here to visit their website.

While you're there check out Jackie's Tailor in Bangkok next to Nana Plaza and Nana station. They have great quality at great prices and they really know how to take care of their customers.  Their website is definitely worth a visit.

Charities, NGOs & All That Stuff


There are very few of these that we'd recommend.  Some of our competitors claim to support various "clinics" in rural areas but if you're approached to give money to any of these groups please be careful.

More often than not these organisations are set up for the benefit of the foreigners working there & precious little ever gets to those who need it most.  A recent study into NGO's & Charitable organisations found that as little as 4% was getting out to those who need it.  The rest is being spent on the staff & directors of these outfits.

We don't support missionary groups.  They often come into Vietnam as tourists or students & then try to start trouble between the locals & the Government.  

The missionary groups who try to trick or force their beliefs on the local communities are in fact practicing racists.  They'd of course deny this but our argument is "why the bloody hell can't they accept the Vietnamese the way they are ?"

We think the Vietnamese are wonderful the way they are & we'll show them & their beautiful country to you in a way that the other operators just don't know how to.  

We've been in Vietnam since 1994 & only recommend the following organisations because we've seen the good they do with our own eyes.

The Fred Hollows foundation  Fred Hollows was a famous "leftie" & one of the worlds leading ophthalmologists.  The Hollows foundation has a grass roots, honest approach to helping Vietnamese people in their struggle with cataracts & glaucoma.

LAN Vietnamese Handicrafts Don't miss this site for quality cushions, dolls, cotton and silk patchwork quilts, pillows and you name it.  All this stuff is handmade by young Vietnamese people who are handicapped and mostly living in pretty rough circumstances.


Oz Music, Bands and Industry Stuff

Midnight Oil Page  The "Oils" home page. One of Oztralia's best and most progressive bands, sadly said goodbye recently to it's much loved front man, Peter Garret.  He's since joined the ALP & has been given the environment responsibilities.  What a tough job but if anyone can do it, it's Mr Garret !

Ghostwriters page  Rob Hirst's (Midnight Oil) & Rick Grossman's (Hoodoo Gurus) new band.  Great page with links to the Oils and other Oz music stuff.  When Rick isn't playing music he's tries hard to avoid being "Trowelled".

Immedia  Links to everything you wanted to know about contemporary music in Oztralia. Run by Phil Tripp, a great bloke who publishes the Australian Music Industry Directory.


Trade Unions & other Red ragging, Pinko, Lefty Sites that we like !

Green Left Weekly   In recent years the sad old colony hasn't had much direction or even a decent opposition to the sad old monarchists that are ruling us.  Most Aussie journos are being good little boys & girls & can be counted on to not rock the boat.

The Green Left is different.  Have a look & you'll see.  They're well worth it !

The Australian Labor Party  The ALP celebrated its centenary in 1991 & is Australia's oldest political party.  The ALP site has lots of historical & current information on the party & it's platform.

The Communist Party of Vietnam  Our favourite The Dang Cong San Vietnam has its own website that's updated daily.  The website is very well done & well worth a visit.   

Maritime Union of Australia  The MUA is one of bravest & best unions we have.  They have been involved with Vietnam since the war years & are highly regarded by the Government, Unions & People of Vietnam for their help & assistance over the years.

Labor NET  A service provided by the Labor Council of New South Wales with links to most other Unions in Oztralia.

Socialists and Communists around the World  Links to the "Party" in the USA, Canada and many other countries.  Also linked to many youth organisations too.

International Transport Federation (ITF)  Great links to trade unions worldwide.

The Australian Republican Movement  On the 6th November 1999, Australians had their 1st ever opportunity to vote in a referendum to decide on our finally becoming a Republic.  It was to be the biggest vote in our history.  Unfortunately though, Australians voted (55% to 45%) to remain a colony of the UK by keeping the Queen as their head of State.  As a result of the short sighted view of the majority of Australians, this unbelievable situation will continue for at least the foreseeable future. 

Hidden Agendas - The Films and Writing of John Pilger We’re big fans of John’s and this site contains a whole lot of very interesting historical and political stuff you obviously won’t get from mainstream (read special interests) media. So if you want an alternative view to the usual regurgitated rubbish then check this out. 


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